Health System Specialist (GHATP Recent Graduate)

This position is assigned to the Office of the Director, Department of Veterans Affairs Decatur, GA.
The primary purpose of this position is to train the incumbent in providing support to executive leadership and learning to lead a VA healthcare delivery system through assignments of progressive responsibility and complexity.
This training in intended to build upon and enhance basic knowledge, skills, and abilities previously obtained through higher education and experience.
It requires a high degree of analytical ability and specialized knowledge related to the management of a healthcare delivery system.
The incumbent is considered to be performing at an entry level, and will initially serve in a training capacity, learning the appropriate rules and regulations used in conducting VA business as well as following Graduate Health Administration Training Program (GHATP) guidelines.
The incumbent will be applying knowledge gained in this position to hands-on projects and specific assignments throughout the duration of the program.
The incumbent will be expected to provide a full range of management services and work closely with hospital leadership, service chiefs, and other key personnel in the formulation and completion of projects.
The individual must be highly organized , and possess excellent time management skills and the ability to establish priorities among competing demands.
Assignments are of considerable complexity, depth, and variety, requiring application of independent judgment and exercise of initiative.
Through integrated knowledge of clinical operations and health care system administration, this individual will have daily responsibility for solving specific problems which directly affect the hospital's operation and ability to deliver optimal patient care.
The position requires an understanding of the critical balance between administrative and clinical functions in health care deliver and the ability to coordinate and control programs and resources to achieve this balance.
Work Schedule:
Monday- Friday 8:
00 am - 4:
30 pm Position Description Title/PD#:

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