Commercial Account Manager

Company Name:
Empire Insurance Recruiters, Inc. dba Empire Jobs
Title: Commercial Account Manager

position will have a desk of small, business owner policies. He/She will work directly with the producer. This position will know coverage for property and casualty commercial business insurance and can provide the insured with advice and expertise on what is best for their needs. They also can do the marketing and renewal/retention. This position has a high degree of responsibility.
Specific Duties Required: Daily service work on computer and phone. Exceptional interpersonal skills are required. Technical assistance is provided however, you will be responsible for making sure the following is maintained for your clients: The desk is kept current, all changes to accounts are processed in a timely fashion, reports and spreadsheets are current, diary notes entered on the account, a sense of urgency during renewal time, records kept of conversations with producers, account assistants, any person who has any responsibility for the desk. The accounts on this desk will have a range of 1-15K. Directors and Officers product knowledge is helpful. The smaller accounts can have a significant amount of processes and maintenance. Software expertise Applied/Epic
Interpersonal Skills Required: Excellent phone and computer etiquette, concern for the clients business needs, flexibility, compassion, attention to detail, an overall care and concern for your position and employer.
There may be additional duties depending on the particular book of business. If this is the case the interview process will reveal any additional duties or concerns.
Location: Duluth, Georgia
Salary Commensurate with experience
Benefits: Comprehensive and employer paid

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