Direct Care Counselor

Company Name:
The Smart Place
Provides direct assistance in self-help, socialization, and adaptive skills training,
retention, and improvement to individual participants and group participants.
Provides direct assistance in teaching such concepts as rule compliance, attendance, task completion, problem solving endurance, work speed, work
accuracy, increased attention span, motor skills, and safety.
Provides direct assistance in training, retraining, or improving the access to and use of community resources by individual participants or groups of participants.
Provides participant specific assistance such as personal care, and self administration of medication, for participants enrolled in program services. ( Examples: feeding, toileting, lifting and transferring)
Implements behavioral support plans of participants to reduce inappropriate and maladaptive behaviors and assist with acquiring appropriate adaptive skills and behaviors.
Provides active support and direct assistance in participations in community social, recreational and leisure activities.
Maintain work area cleaning tables, chairs, and supplies daily/weekly as scheduled. Assures supplies are kept organized and in working order. Return supplies to designated area daily.
Complete all required documentation such as (progress notes, goal tracking sheets, hrst tracking sheets, seizure tracking, positing tracking, communication logs, etc.) Assure all paperwork is submitted on time.
Ensure that the environment, pace of activities, and type of activities are ISP (Individual Service Plan) directed or participant directed. Physically participate with program participants in all activities.
Assist in ensuring that all support services as well as site remains in compliance with all internal and external policies. Compiles with agency policies and procedures to ensure confidentiality of individuals information both written and spoken.
Maintain a positive and productive environment for participants, respecting consumers rights, and reporting suspected abuse, neglect, and exploitation of any individual.
Spend 90% of the time in direct participant work and 10% in documentation logging.
Adhere to all Human Resources Data Collection and Training requirements. Attends all assigned departmental and program specific trainings.
Develop and maintain positive and productive relationship with consumers, families, co- workers, and community members.
Support program participants in their personal growth and development respecting cultural, ethnic, spiritual and individual differences.
Adhere to all agency policies and procedures.
Other duties as assigned.

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